Our Assistant General Manager are the critical emerging leader in every Nando’s restaurant. They exemplify the Nando’s culture and have proven their ability to successfully oversee our People and Operations through daily excellence. In this role, the Assistant General Manager will progressively take on increased responsibility through the invaluable coaching and mentorship of our General Managers and Area Directors. As with any restaurant leader, the Assistant General Manager will own the Nando’s experience of our guests and people and be instrumental in growing the next generation of restaurant leaders. Assistant General Manager will also focus on delivering results - ensuring our business operates efficiently and profitably. As with all members of the Nando’s family, there is an expectation to wear multiple hats, seek out opportunities to make us and themselves better every day and in general, be a good team player!

Lead Your Team…

  • Be a leader of your peers by inspiring confidence in their abilities.
  • Create a pipeline of future leaders by effectively training, coaching, and developing your people to take on additional responsibility
  • Engage with guests and Nandocas (hourly team) to develop relationships and create lasting connections.
  • Effectively and consistently provide feedback, coaching and communicate disciplinary actions, as required to ensure accountability to Nando's standards and policies
  • Practice and support appropriate goal setting with Restaurant Managers and Nandocas.
  • Practice and exude professional language and demeanor at all times to navigate and resolve situations with both Nandocas and guests
  • Effectively delegate tasks to empower and develop Restaurant Managers and Nandocas.

Manage Your Business…

  • Display complete knowledge and ownership of Nando's food safety and operational standards to ensure and safe guest and Nandoca experience.
  • Be responsible for the safety and security of your People and Restaurant by safeguarding keys, securing doors, and setting the alarm.
  • Be responsible for the weekly completion and accuracy of inventory, Administrative File, and validity of time keeping for submitting to Payroll.
  • Write and manage Nandoca and Manager schedules that properly correlate to financial targets.
  • Practice responsible Cash Management including: monies issued, safe counts, deposit preparation, cashier check outs, discount authorizations, refunds, and voids following Nando's policies
  • Thoroughly execute all opening duties: Read the Manager Communication Log (MCL), review the staff line up for the shift, check catering orders and ensure operational preparedness to execute, review sales forecast for the day, validate previous days inventory, complete prep sheet, complete any food and beverage orders required, count safe, assign cash drawers, order change, complete chicken cook sheet.
  • Own Back of House duties during the shift, to include: completion of prep and pull/thaw lists, full utilization of the cook sheet to call chicken, and consistently performing timely and accurate line checks.
  • Thoroughly conduct a Shift Changeover: Ensure the next manager and team of Nandocas are set up for success by making sure that all AM monies and safe are reconciled, food and production levels are validated, a final walk through is conducted and the Manager Communication Log (MCL) has been updated
  • Thoroughly execute all closing duties, to include: Conduct final walk through to check for cleanliness, set up catering orders for the next day, complete closing inventory, reconcile all cash for the day, validate all time keeping for the day, run end of day reports, update the Manager Communication Log (MCL).

Display Excellence…

Assistant General Managers will be trained and show proficiency in all three Pillars of Excellence: People, Product, and Place. While in role, the AGM may lead one of these areas but will also be expected to learn and drive Performance in preparation for promotion.

  • People: Lead recruitment planning, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, training, and scheduling. Drive effective Nandoca communication through regular meetings, communication boards and Pre-shifts. Energize, coach, and inspire your team consistently to exceed expectations. Drive team engagement and track progress using survey results.
  • Product: Oversees a quality food program in your restaurant that meets both cost targets and standards while ensuring specifications on consistency, safety, and sanitation are met. Ensure weekly product inventory and ordering is completed and accurate. Oversee waste and food recycling programs. Conduct and follow up on food audits. Oversee menu change implementations to include training and execution. Deliver regular product knowledge and safety training for all Nandocas.
  • Place: Ensure that our restaurants and equipment are well maintained and beautiful through preventative maintenance of equipment, recycling programs, pest control, replacement of light bulbs and furnishings, and management of merchandizing displays. Educate your team on our art program and the pieces on display in your restaurant.
  • Performance: Protect our business through measurements of how well your restaurant is performing by having a thorough understanding of the profit and loss statement with the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve. Maintain your restaurant scorecard. Help to provide continuous hourly and manager training by driving compliance with cash handling procedures and assistance with financial audits. Communicate financial related metrics and targets to Restaurant Managers and Nandocas and update them on weekly performance. Serve as external community expert by supporting marketing efforts and drives Nandoca salesmanship and guest experience contests.

Other Job Details


  • Must be certified in all hourly positions and pass manager training within allotted time and have completed any additional training with regards to the Assistant General Manager position
  • Must be certified in Opening, Closing and Changeover Procedures
  • Must be certified in Manager People, Product and Place modules.
  • Must pass a background and credit check
  • Must be able to work at any restaurant within region from a food/ alcohol licensing and transportation perspective.